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Tasty and handy Sauces and dressings

Traditional Japanese seasonings like soy sauce and miso are beloved worldwide. But did you know that Japan also has an amazing selection of evolving new dressings and sauces?
Japan might even have the greatest variety of unique dressings and sauces with all-star ingredients in the world !
And they’re all high-quality and delicious !
Dressings and sauces are the ultimate seasoning, because they go so well with simply boiled, steamed, or sauteed vegetables, meat, fish, noodles, and more.
Great for both hot or cold dishes !
Stock up on a few to create a range of effortless flavor variations. Even the same dish tastes totally different with different dressing. Dressing makes it easy to create flavors you can’t reproduce from scratch !
Perfect for busy people and non-cooks too.

EVERYTHING FROM.JP carries dressings and sauces for a variety of dishes, including simple salads, steamed vegetables, shabu-shabu (thin-sliced meat), tofu, deep-fried foods, sauteed fish, udon or somen noodle dipping sauce, or even for flavoring stir-fries.
Try out these unique featured products, including dipping sauces and mustard !

Home-style seasonings designed by a popular restaurant

Ashiya is one of the most exclusive residential neighborhoods in Japan.These seasonings were designed by Salon de Cuisine Tivoli, a popular restaurant that satisfies the gourmands who flock there.

【Ashiya-no-Shokutaku Finest Scented Ponzu】
A luxurious ponzu sauce with plenty of yuzu juice.Makes an excellent dipping sauce for shabu-shabu (thin-sliced meat). Also a great addition to a variety of dishes, including stir fries, salads, sashimi, grilled fish, and barbeque.

【Ashiya-no-Shokutaku Superb Sesame Sauce】
Showcases the color and aroma of white sesame. Enjoy the smooth texture of this chef’s specialty sauce.Tastes great with a variety of dishes, including shabu-shabu (thin-sliced meat), steamed vegetables, barbeque, salads, or cold noodles!

【Ashiya-no-Shokutaku Miso Sauce】
Mildly spicy miso sauce is the perfect accompaniment to both meat and vegetable dishes, including barbeque, stir fries, salad, noodles, and more. Savory flavor with a lingering miso scent!

Chock-full of the famous sweet Awaji Island fruit onions!
Popular dressing featured prominently in TV and magazines

【Fruit Onion Dressing (Japanese Flavor)】
Our very special dressing made with sweet Awaji Island fruit onions, Shodoshima Island pure-brewed soy sauce, and canola oil ! Deep Japanese flavor with sweet, rich fruit onions.No chemical seasonings added
Try on salad, steamed vegetables, or as a hamburger or meat sauce! Also tastes great over tofu.

【Fruit Onion Dressing (Basil Flavor)】
Flavorful dressing with Japanese basil and Awaji Island fruit onions.No chemical seasonings added.
Enjoy with salad, cold pasta, carpaccio, smoked salmon, and more ! Makes the perfect partner for tomatoes.

【Lemon Musume Sesame Dressing】
Sesame dressing made with Awaji Island fruit onions and Seto Inland Sea lemon juice.An excellent balance of onion sweetness and acidity.You’ll be amazed at the sparkling, rich taste ! No chemical seasonings added.
Use on more than just salads or steamed vegetables – also goes great with meat dishes like shabu-shabu (thin-sliced meat)!

Brilliant combination of Tottori specialty pears and shallots !
Dressings and dipping sauces

【Nashi Pear & Rakkyo Shallot Dressing】

3 Flavors: Salt, Soy Sauce, and White Miso. A mellow flavor made with grated pear sauce (with lactobacillus drink), pickled Rakkyo shallots, and extra virgin olive oil.Features a subtle sweetness and refreshing acidity. Dress salads, sashimi, or tofu, or use to flavor stir-fried pork or fried rice!(Mix a bit in with hot rice to make your own chirashi-zushi.)

【Nashi Pear & Rakkyo Shallot Dip Assortment】

These dipping sauces were made with “fruit rakkyo”, which concentrates the delicious flavors of “20th Century” nashi pears and rakkyo shallots from Tottori.Fruity flavor with reduced salt, sugar, and calories.

・A Wasabi Tartar Sauce
Selected for the “10 Most Recommended Japanese Foods Right Now” at the Food Action Nippon Awards (2017)!

・B Tomato Basil Sauce
Spread on bread, add cheese, and cook in toaster oven for easy pizza toast.Also delicious with fresh-cooked pasta!

・C Mushroom Curry Sauce
Spread on bread with vegetables and ham for a great sandwich.Mix with mashed potatoes for potato salad.Appetizing curry flavor!

Natural seasonings created by a veteran miso and soy sauce manufacturer

【Perilla Dressing】
A creamy dressing made of grated perilla and “Perilla Soy Sauce”, a patented product made of fermented organic perilla from Iwate Prefecture without any soy beans or wheat.Excellent with salads, steamed vegetables, shabu-shabu (thin-sliced meat), seafood, and more!

【Dijon Mustard with Japanese Perilla】
Dijon mustard made with mild yellow mustard and a dash of Japanese perilla.The grainy texture will accent your cuisine.Fresh acidity brings out the savory flavors in potato salad, sausage, smoked salmon, marinated dishes, and more.Also popular with professional chefs.No chemical seasonings added.

【The perfect cabbage dressing】
This dressing was designed in a cabbage-growing region specifically for cabbage ! Just pour over chopped cabbage.Appetizing salted garlic flavor will make cabbage disappear in a flash ! Try with salads, barbeque, or tofu.Also a great secret sauce for stir-fried noodles.

Low calorie ! Recommended for the health conscious.

【Golden Sesame Seed Sauce (Half Calorie)】

Japanese dressing with a rich sesame seed flavor.Maximum ground sesame flavor with reduced calories.Delicious and handy flavor: just pour over bon bon chicken, salad, steamed vegetables, or use as a dipping sauce for cold noodles and more.