So much for just 10,000 yen♪

Japan is a treasure trove of all things delicious, kawaii, handy, and practical – the choices are overwhelming…
Today we have recommendations from a variety of categories for 10,000 yen to make your shopping choice easy!
Highly recommended !!


Have a Japanese tea tasting for 10,000 yen !

People around the world are fans of Japanese green tea. But did you know that Japan also has many other kinds of tea, like soba tea, kombucha, black bean tea, burdock tea, onion tea, and more? And each is highly affordable. Set includes versatile mugs for you to hold your own Japanese tea tasting!

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Delicious Japanese rice and main dishes for 10,000 yen

Rice is our number one recommended Japanese food for people around the world! This selection also includes main dishes to accompany rice that are quick and easy to prepare – just open, add hot water, or heat up. This set makes a full-course meal for friends or family! Includes 1 kg of rice – enough for 15 to 16 servings of cooked rice (150g of cooked rice per serving).

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Handy kitchenware for 10,000 yen

Copper waste receptacle for your sink (beloved by pros for hygienic and anti-slip properties!). Super handy kitchen tong scissors. Sesame mill with ceramic blades. Under-sink cupboard door rack to maximize space efficiency. Cotton towels and gauze dishcloths. This collection is chock-full of helpful, functional items to make cooking a breeze!

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An assortment of cosmetic and skincare items for 10,000 yen!

A collection of luxury skincare items with a generous formulation of unique Japanese ingredients, including cream with pearl powder (useable on face and body), peeling gel with green tea extract, sheet face masks with concentrated hot spring water and lotion, mineral BB cream with natural oriental herb extracts, and even more.

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Unique fashion items for 10,000 yen

Pretzel brooch bolero cardigan that adds flair to your everyday style (black knit fabric and blue lace are super cute together!). Unique fried chicken socks. EFJ logo tote bag. Get these three stunning pieces for 10,000 yen!

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Highly recommended !!