So much for just 5,000 yen ♪

Have a Japanese food tasting !

Japanese food is popular around the world for its beautifully delicate yet deep flavors. But there’s a lot more to Japanese food than what you’ll find at a restaurant.
Try out these effortlessly delicious ready-made foods, dried noodles, snacks, and more !
Today we’re presenting varied selections of amazing Japanese food, each for just 5,000 yen.
Highly recommended.
(※Caution: photo product size ratios are different from actual product size ratios.)


A snack bonanza for only 5,000 yen !

All the Japanese snacks you can imagine: hard candies, ramune fizz candies, cookies, yokan, soybean snacks, senbei crackers, manju, cakes, and more !
This cornucopia of snacks is perfect for a party with friends. Great as a hostess gift or to share.

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Hold a Japanese local ramen tasting for just 5,000 yen !

A premium selection of regional ramen flavors, including black soy sauce ramen with an unusual black broth, ramen with delicacy glass shrimp in salt broth, richly satisfying mudskipper broth ramen made with mudskipper from the Ariake Sea, and more !

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Go wild about curry for 5,000 yen !

Curry rice is practically the Japanese national dish. These standout specialty curries are a must.
A selection of popular ready-made curries, with classic beef curry as well as curries made with local ingredients from all over Japan, including onions, mandarin oranges, Uji matcha, and more. (Just heat and enjoy.)
Even comes with curry udon and curry snacks !
Curry rice and curry snacks have undergone a unique evolution in Japan. Not to be missed.

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Enjoy a curry dinner with that special someone for 5,000 yen !

Two servings each of ready-made curry, curry plates, jelly for dessert, and a rare sencha green tea.
Charming curry plates have a unique design and are the perfect size for all kinds of dishes.
(And whenever you have curry, of course !)

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So much for just 5,000 yen ! Highly recommended.