Expressive Japanese

hiragana characters


The hiragana script was originally used by women, and its uniquely rounded forms do seem somehow feminine. Hiragana characters have been used for over a thousand years. They have a simple yet sophisticated design, and are delicately expressive. We hope that our Japanese customers will reawaken to the beauty of hiragana, and our non-Japanese customers will learn about them too. Today, we’re featuring unique hiragana-based products on EVERYTHING FROM.JP.


Silver highlights the beauty of hiragana

in these “Suki” earrings

When “suki” is written in hiragana, it makes a somewhat gentler impression than in kanji (Chinese characters). “Suki” conveys a variety of meanings, including “love”, “like”, and “prefer”. What a charming little word !


Silver highlights the beauty of hiragana

in these  “Sora” earrings

“Sora” brings to mind different scenery when written in hiragana than in kanji. Hiragana are the first characters that Japanese children learn. When we see “sora” written in hiragana, it brings back the pure feeling of laying on the grass and gazing up at the sky as children.



These unique ceramic chopstick rests

express the gentle forms of hiragana in 3D

These chopstick rests are uniquely Japanese. Try combining the four characters to use as an ornament. Chopstick rests are essential at the Japanese dining table, and many people collect them. Also popular as a gift item.


Ceramic hiragana chopstick rests:


Express the spirit of Japanese hospitality! “Youkoso” means “welcome” in Japanese. Great for dinner parties.


Ceramic hiragana chopstick rests:


Use for birthdays, weddings, or other festive occasions! “Oiwai” means “celebration” in Japanese. Also makes a perfect gift.



Set of three ukiyo-e beer glasses

with cats forming characters:


These three beer glasses feature the cats painted by late Edo period Ukiyo-e master Kuniyoshi Utagawa. The cats form the letters for the word “namazu” (catfish). Each glass has a slightly different shape in this unique set! In wooden box for gift-giving.



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