Just mix with rice and cook ! Ready-made rice mix

All you need is rice!

Here’s your solution for busy days!

“Today’s dinner is mixed rice!”
Those are the magic words for both kids and adults.
But mixed rice is a lot of work to prepare from scratch…
Ready-made rice mix comes to the rescue! It contains all the ingredients and seasonings you need.
Just mix with rice and cook for simple yet perfect mixed rice!
Fully authentic flavors.
Recommended when you’re having trouble deciding what to make for dinner or don’t have time.
With mixed rice, you don’t have to make a separate main dish.
And it also makes great onigiri rice balls for later!

You can even add more of your favorite vegetables or meat to create a deluxe meal for your party guests!
Simple meal preparation for busy days. A mouth-watering centerpiece for your dinner table!


How to serve(base)

Wash 2 rice cooker cups (approx. 360ml) of rice and shake off the water. Put the rice and one pouch of this product into the rice cooker. Add water so that the total amount of liquid reaches the “2” line. Mix lightly and cook the rice like you normally do. Leave for 10 minutes when done before opening the lid.

A total of 10 flavors available – find your favorite!

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The perfect rice bowls for mixed rice

Mixed rice is such a satisfying meal – it disappears in a flash!
That’s why we recommend slightly larger rice bowls for this dish.
These “donburi” (large rice bowls) are also perfect for gyu-don, oyako-don, katsu-don, and more one-bowl dishes.
Have fun choosing a different pattern for each family member.
These donburi bowls come wrapped in handy tenugui handkerchiefs.

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Try cooking rice in an earthenware pot!

Rice cooked in an earthenware pot takes a bit of extra effort, but turns out extra delicious!
This Bunko-yaki rice pot is shaped in a way that allows heat waves to move faster. The inner lid creates pressure and a far infrared effect to cook the rice soft and delicious.
The pot is beautifully designed, so you can bring it directly to the table. The ceramic material also keeps the rice warm for a long time.
If you cook for a few extra minutes, it will create crispy, toasty burns on the bottom.

This ceramic Ohitsu (cooked rice container) will keep your rice delicious!

The ceramic material is great at adjusting humidity – its countless micro-level holes absorb and release the water in rice. It prevents rice from becoming either soggy or dry!
That’s the secret to truly delicious rice!
Bring this beautiful Ohitsu right to the table!
(If rice has cooled, heat with lid on in microwave to bring it back to its fluffy just-cooked glory!)