A prized Japanese premium ingredient!The black diamond of the sea「A-Grade Dried Namako (Sea Cucumber) from Hokkaido」

Safe and additive-free !

“Namako(Sea Cucumber) is believed to be nutritious and beautifying, and it is valued as an ingredient in luxury Chinese cuisine and traditional Chinese medicine. Japanese namako from Hokkaido is known as the highest quality in the world!
Hokkaido namako is not only high quality, it has large bumps and a beautiful appearance. That’s why dried namako is experiencing huge popularity and being mass-exported to the Chinese-speaking world.
This Hokkaido dried namako is available at EVERYTHING FROM.JP.
Exclusively Grade-A namako without additives (no salt or sugar added in processing) is shipped directly from the factory and packed carefully into a crystal or decorative box for you.


Hokkaido namako catch being brought to port



Namako being dried


Dried Namako

Only A-grade dried namako is packed carefully into these packages. EVERYTHING FROM.JP carries three selections:
100 g in crystal box
250 g in crystal box
230 g in decorative box


Reconstitute in water before cooking. It’s amazingly tender!


Hokkaido namako has an especially good texture. It is often used in sunomono vinegared salad in Japan, but also makes a great addition to Chinese cuisine.
We recommend this premium-grade Hokkaido namako to people around the world!