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Top-Ranking Itohkyuemon Matcha Products
+ Popular Matcha Candy Present !


Luxurious all-matcha set with chart-topping popular products from Itohkyuemon – this brand tops our ranking every month! 4 servings of perennial favorite Uji Matcha Curry are included – have a matcha party with your friends and family! Set also includes addictive Matcha Peanuts with a sweet and slightly bitter flavor, and a large-size Yokan dessert. Special present: Uji Matcha Candy, another high-ranking favorite! This set is a great deal even for non-matcha fans.


Iyemon and Kyokaroku Japanese Tea Party (Tea and Senbei) Set
+ Hojicha Teabag Present !



Delicious combination of classic Japanese flavors! Set contains sencha matcha blend and genmaicha matcha blend teabags from famous brand Iyemon, and 7 flavors of senbei, including negimiso, plum, and matcha from Kyokaroku, the Kyoto senbei shop. Bite-sized senbei are easy to eat, and their sweet-and-spicy flavors are essential with a cup of Japanese tea. Includes aromatic, crowd-pleasing hojicha teabags. Enjoy the cornucopia of flavors!


10 Popular Candies from Kyoto Candy Shop Daimonji Ame Honpo
+ Present of Fruit Candy Not Sold Outside Japan!



Candy from a historic Kyoto candy maker founded in 1919. Set of 10 popular candies contains candies boiled by candy artisan in a vat, including sakura, uji tea, plum extract, and milk flavors. Each candy is individually packaged for everyone to enjoy their favorite flavor. Set includes special present of cute fruit candy not sold outside Japan!


Each of these special discount sets is a great deal with the ideal combination of products! Perfect for enjoying with family and friends.