Modest, beautiful, strong, and romantic

cherry blossom

People all over Japan love sakura – cherry blossoms.
Their pale pink color is even called “sakura color”. A single flower creates an impression of demure beauty, but an avenue of sakura trees is a splendid sight. Sakura also have a beautiful romance when lit up at night.
A blizzard of cherry blossoms in the wind – sakura are even beautiful when they fall. These special flowers sway the emotions of the viewer.
Sakura are a sign of spring, blooming from March to April. Because this is graduation season in Japan, they also suggest partings and induce a feeling of loneliness.
But the blizzard of petals falling on fresh new school uniforms in early April is a beautifully ephemeral sight, and it suggests the future and new beginnings.
Sakura symbolize many experiences and situations that resonate with people in Japan, and they have played an essential part in Japanese culture, including literature, music, art, and design, from ancient times until today.
Today’s theme is the sakura flower that the Japanese share a special fondness for.Charming sakura motif products, beautiful sakura-colored products, mild sakura-scented products, and food and cosmetic items that use real sakura flowers or leaves – now for everyone around the world!

Appreciation for the form of sakura!
With sakura motif designs

When sakura buds first start showing around Japan, everyone gets excited for the season we’ve been waiting for all year!
For the sakura season, the TV weather forecast announces predictions of when the sakura will open, so everyone starts making their blossom viewing party plans.
Japan has many locations famous for sakura, but you don’t have to visit one to feel the excitement!
Beautiful sakura-lined streets exist throughout Japan, so you can take a weekend drive to a famous sakura spot, or just enjoy the lit-up nighttime sakura on your way home from work. Everyone has their own way of enjoying sakura.
Sakura-lined streets are an impressive sight, but even a single sakura flower or a single petal is beautiful.
This selection of sakura motif products lets you enjoy their beauty.
We encourage you to find your favorite sakura.

A / Gorgeous set of 5 small plates shaped like sakura petals.

B / Cup shaped like a sakura flower.Just right for holding snacks or fruits.


Sakura Cup Pink
JP ¥864

C / Deluxe dishes with two of Japan’s beloved prides: sakura and Mt. Fuji !

D / Accessories cut from beautifully strong Inshu Washi (Japanese paper).

E / Set of Kutaniyaki teapot and two cups with charming hand-drawn sakura.Perfect for Japanese or black tea.

F / Cute candies in a cute box – the perfect gift item.Gorgeous Japanese paper box handmade by artisans with charming hand-printed sakura!

Sakura color, a gentle pink

Selection of dainty, mild sakura-colored items!

Unique sakura-containing items to eat or wear

A / Jumbo-sized kanten dessert with sakura leaves.Perfect for spring teatime.
B / Sakura petal candies.Enjoy the springtime scent of sakura.
C / Featuring sweet and sour cherries.A luxurious jelly with whole cherries.

D / “G Clear Gel” with sakura leaf extract
Apply after washing face for translucent skin overflowing with lustrous moisture and nutrients.
E / Shampoo & treatment cream with Somei Yoshino (sakura variety) leaf extract.
F / A beauty cream with plentiful Somei Yoshino (sakura variety) plant-derived ingredients within collagen studded with gold flakes from Kaga, Ishikawa Prefecture.
G / Cherry Blossom Aroma Proteoglycan Hand & Body Cream with sakura honey, shea butter, and other moisturizing ingredients.Revel in the sakura scent!

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And there’s more !

Mouthwatering canned snacks smoked using sakura chips!

・K&K Canned Snack Smoked Salmon Belly
(We smoked the most greasy and tasty part of salmon with cherry wood chip.)
・K&K Canned Snack Smoked Octopus
(We smoked octopus bits with cherry wood chip.)

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