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Nice choice ! (Budget:15000yen)
Classic yet unique: 3 ladies’ fashion items


・Three patterns are knit in navy and gray, showing a different view each time you wrap this scarf.
・Comfy wide-sleeved hoodie looks cute even with a skirt.
・Sturdy, roomy two-way tote bag. Wear over your shoulder or carry with handle.

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Each of these classic pieces goes great with a variety of outfits, yet features unique touches!


Nice choice ! (Budget: 15000 yen)
Men’s gifts! Perfect for Valentine’s Day


・Real leather office slippers look just like dress shoes, so you can wear them with guests or when stepping outside the office.
・Comfortable socks suitable for traveling, made with high-quality soft cotton yarn.

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The perfect choice for a special Valentine or birthday gift !


Nice choice ! (Budget: 10000 yen)
Japanese sake party with three smooth sakes and appetizing snacks


Interested in sake, but not sure which to choose or how to serve? This selection is perfect for you !

・Nara Hotel set of three smooth sakes.
・Famous Japanese canned snack series! Three popular flavors – smoked oysters, anago eel kabayaki, and smoked salmon. Just open and enjoy!
・Refreshing acidity and aroma made this lemon fried squid a huge hit in Japan!
・10 cm plates with cute designs. Perfect size for snacks to go with your sake.

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An amazingly thoughtful variety for a sake party with your friends, all for 10,000 yen !

(Budget: 10000 yen) Japanese sake party with three smooth sakes and appetizing snacks


Nice choice ! (Budget: 20000 yen)
Classic sophisticated black for any occasion with this elegant pairing !


・Light, warm, soft V neck long gown coat made of high-quality Japanese wool-based material.
・Black beads and chain sparkle as they gently sway in this sophisticated, feminine ear accessory (pierced and clip-on earrings available).


Nice choice ! (Budget: 10000 yen)Special unique gift set


・Sushi, takoyaki, and hamburgers?! This set of erasers perfectly replicates Japanese foods. They’re more than stationery supplies, they’re art !
・This battery-powered interior light is absolutely adorable ! Each unique piece is made from real bread.
・Cute clasp pouch makes the perfect coin purse. Artisan handmade.
・Tangerine-scented lip balm with a base of tea extract.
・BB cream with abundant hydrating ingredients. Multifunctional product serves as a lotion, makeup base, foundation, and sunscreen !

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Funky chic gifts, women’s skin care set, and more, all for 10,000 yen! A jam-packed bargain.

Nice choice ! (Budget: 10000 yen)Special unique gift set

Each set hits the sweet spot – a clever combination of high-quality items within a budget.
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