What a great find ! Tenugui : charming yet hard-working

Previously, tenugui were thought of as handkerchiefs for elderly farmers to wrap around their heads or necks while doing farm work.
They were viewed as old-fashioned and not used by regular people any more.
But now there are plenty of popular tenugui shops, and rows of stylish and cute tenugui are lined up at department stores and boutiques.
In Japan nowadays, tenugui are a daily essential for people who want to enjoy their lifestyles.
Today’s feature is all about tenugui and how to use them for tenugui newbies!
Try them out – they’ll come in handy in a surprising number of situations in daily life.



The fabric used for tenugui is usually a thin cotton with a narrow fabric width (around 35 cm).
The ends of the tenugui are left unhemmed in the traditional style, with a standard length of around 90 cm.
The fabric is a single layer throughout, without a stitch.
That helps it dry quickly after washing and stay hygienic!


Wipe・Lay out・Hang up・Wrap

《Ideas for use》


Wipe (amazing absorbency!)

Hang in your kitchen or bathroom to wipe your hands after washing.
Gorgeous designs will accent your interior decoration.
(Many tenugui fans also carry one around like a handkerchief!)

Wipe dishes: just wipe clean dishes for a perfect dry before putting them away!
When they get old, stained, or holey, use for wiping tables, windows, or floors. Wear them right out!


Lay out (arrange sizes creatively!)

Lay on your table like a table runner as a delightful accent for your next dinner party!
Fold in half to use as a placemat.
Bundle up small to use as a potholder.


Hang up (cute designs transform your space!)

Place tenugui over rice cooker, stacked dishes, or food to keep dust away.
Collect your messy kitchen doodads into a basket or box and cover with stylish tenugui to hide from view.(This tip will make your kitchen look effortlessly spotless!)


Wrap (for little surprises!)

Tenugui are thin, soft, and easy to tie, making them the perfect gift wrap!
Wrap your wine or sake with a tenugui and offer them together as a charmingly thoughtful party gift.
Other traditional uses……
Tenugui are thin and light, so they’re great for hanging over your neck to wipe away sweat or wear on your head to keep out of the sunlight when working outside.

We offer a full lineup of tenugui at EVERYTHING FROM.JP. Here, we introduce two popular brands.


「Nijiyura」  from Osaka

An Osaka dyeing factory runs this tenugui brand. They have been creating tenugui for decades using a technique where dye is poured onto the fabric to dye the pattern through.
Nijiyura’s tenugui utilize traditional techniques combined with the artistic sense of the designers, creating the perfect tenugui for today!
Nijiyura’s unique tenugui inspire joy and are especially popular with the younger generation.
Artisans take special care to preserve the designers’ designs as they create these tenugui through a complex process. These tenugui add color to their users’ lives.


See Nijiyura products


「Hanaichimatsu」  from Kyoto

Hanaichimatsu tenugui are made from 100% smooth, high-quality cotton and dyed by master artisans using a traditional technique.
They value their cultural inheritance while creating new designs for the next generation, communicating from the Japanese cultural capital of Kyoto to the whole world.
Hanaichimatsu tenugui are “old yet new” and make the perfect gift!

See Hanaichimatsu products

Introducing a very special tenugui.

Support Tohoku! Use it, display it, or give it as a gift……

Share your support for Tohoku’s recovery from the 2011 earthquake with this big catch flag.

It has been almost 7 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, but the long road of recovery still continues.
This tenugui was created to make sure that the Japanese people never forget the disaster, and to support the Tohoku region.
Special design!Sea bream, a lucky fish, leaps above the waves, and is joined by a kokeshi doll and other traditional crafts symbolizing the Tohoku region…

1 kokeshi doll (traditional crafts symbolizing the Tohoku region)
2 Aomori Prefecture: apple
3 Iwate Prefecture: wanko soba noodles
4 Akita Prefecture: kiritanpo rice skewer
5 Yamagata Prefecture: shogi chess piece
6 Miyagi Prefecture: beef
7 Fukushima Prefecture: dried persimmon

The ultimate collection of famous products from the 6 Tohoku prefectures!
These tenugui are unique, charming, and filled with love.

Tenugui are meant to be used and washed over and over again every day: dry your hands. Wash. Wipe the table. Wash. Hang over your neck to wipe sweat. Wash. Lay on your table. Wash.
With repeated washing, tenugui become soft to the touch with a rich texture, becoming an essential part of everyday life.

We have plenty more tenugui: made with unusual materials, based on yokai (monster) themes, with ancient national treasure picture scroll patterns, ukiyo-e patterns, and more.Give tenugui a try!

See more tenugui

History of tenugui

Tenugui have existed since ancient times, but they became popular and widely used in everyday life around the 17th century.
They were used when bathing, to wipe off sweat, to wrap items, and even as today’s hats and scarves are used.
Traditional tenugui are left unhemmed so that they can be ripped apart and used as a string or bandage in times of need.

PS. Tenugui are mostly used in everyday life, but they are still wrapped around the head for festivals (hachimaki), used as dancing props, and in more traditional ways!